Every parent is welcome and encouraged to help with PAC! Parent volunteers are the backbone of the organization and are what make our efforts the success they are.


The Lavington Elementary Parent Advisory Council is an all-volunteer organization that welcomes and encourages every parent to join in and help out!

Our PAC is grateful for every parent who steps up and offers to help us by giving their time to help our cause and strives to make every parent volunteer feel welcome and appreciated!

PAC is not the cliche “clique” parent-teacher organization that movies are made of — we are all just a bunch of parents who love our kids and want to help make our school a great place for all!


There are many volunteer opportunities available, regardless of the amount of time or experience you have to offer! There are three main types of volunteer opportunities with the PAC:

Executive Positions: 

PAC executives are elected and serve for 1-year terms. Open positions are generally posted near the end of the school year and will be elected at the AGM for the following year.

Committee Chair Positions: 

Committee Chair positions are appointed and serve for a duration of a PAC event they are chairing. The amount of time and scope of responsibility varies based on the position.

Committee Volunteer Positions & Event Volunteers: 

The events that the committee chairs lead almost always need volunteers – and sometimes, MANY volunteers. These are great for those who cannot commit to full-year positions and/or who have an interest in certain events. These volunteer openings are announced throughout the year as committee chairs begin planning of their events. We recommend you regularly read the News on our website and announcements in email blasts throughout the year as we will post announcements of upcoming events and calls for volunteers. If there is a committee or event you are particularly interested in, feel free to reach out to let us know what you’re interested in!